Question: If I want to promote the products or wholesale to the buyers, can I do it through your website?
Answer: Yes, you can register a membership on, promote your products or wholesale from website, and it is totally free NOW. Later, however, there’ll be an annual charge in future.

Question: If I don’t want to pay for the member charge in future, should I pay any for my use?
Answer: If you later do not want to pay for annual membership, you will change into free membership automatically, and you won’t be charged a penny.

Question: Can I quit my membership?
Answer: Yes, you can quit your membership anytime you like.

Question: Will my email address be exposed publicly?
Answer: No, your email will be hidden and won’t be public exposed.

Question: How can the visitors contact with us?
Answer: When the visitor send mail from our online e-mail system. Our mail system will mail to your registered e-mail to tell you that there are someone contact with you and ask you to login and checking with the online message center to contact it. And you can contact with the buyers or sellers and left your other contact to them.

Question: Does take part in business negotiation?
Answer: No, only provide with the business platform but not take part in the business.

Question: How can the visitors find us and our products?
Answer: Yes, the visitors will find from the internet or find from our advertisement or from our 400 global promotion worker groups.