There are much charge can be avoid if you realized all these and negotiate with your sellers first before import the products. Port handle charge. The container parking charge on the port: if you not handling the import documents fast, the products will be piled on the port, and the charges are high.

Unpack the container charge. If each crate load too heavy a products, such as more than 1 tons each and the common forklift can't work, it will need some special charge for the heavy load forklift.

Deliver charges from the port to your warehouse. It should consider the container's loading weight, Such as some road only available for 18 or 20 tons, but your container load more than this. so you will be charged with much money. So that you’d better negotiate with the sellers first to avoid these charge.

Regarding the payment, It can be paid by T/T (telegram transfer) or L/C (Letter of Credit). For the importers, usually paid with the L/C, with SGS inspection documents and full set bill of lading and invoice and packing list for the payment documents.

But before open the L/C, the terms and conditions on L/C should be sure to negotiate with the seller’s first. So that it won’t take much charge to change the L/C terms by several times. The charge for each edit is quite high. The important terms, such as, the deliver and shipping date, the documents requirement, L/C at sight or L/C 60 days or L/C 90 days etc should negotiate with the sellers first. Usually many sellers only accept L/C at sight.

Also, Considering the export and import customs special requirement for your imported products. The import tax rate at your local countries. Cargo and shipment charge. Usually it provided by the seller, you just ask for the CIF price will be OK.

For more about the import problem you may ask service team to help you.