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Bytrade is always active on the social media to have an impact to renovate the showcase of the product.
To make the products of Bytrade members intact with the society Bytrade has a social presence in the famed social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.
The purpose of Bytrade to enter the Social Media is to make sure that no chunk is left behind that could be use as a dispersion to attract or to make the best use to provide the business access to the common community as the social media platform is widely used and the products that are offered in the social media platform makes the strategic impact as the time when the individual is seeking for the social fathering and gets the product information in that scenario hits the need desire higher. 
On the other hand, the features that are included in the product could easily be communicated by starting a discussion in the social forum where the entire peers can intricate the features and comment on it without being bias that would lead to make the involvement and thus leading to eventually embracement of the product.
However, there are certain cons of the social media forum as well, as it is open and thus it is quiet risky if this strategy back fires, as there is a case study as well that deals with the failure of involvement in the Social Media of a restaurant, however there were certain glitches that were identified. Bytrade plays a sensible role and thus all the tactics are used to make sure that the strategy works in favor and leads to the eventual return for the member