  1

Research the products you want to sell to see what they sell for. Take the items that you want to start selling on bytrade and check out your competition. Make sure you price your item competitively.

  2

Buy items at wholesale or in bulk to save money. This will save on your cost so that more of the selling price is profit. Research items that are popular and find the best deal on those items to maximize your sales and profits.

  3

Become a PowerSeller if you sell at least $3,000 in merchandise a month. You will attract more customers if you are a PowerSeller because they know that you are in business for real and are most likely not a scammer. You need to build your reputation in the bytrade community so that you can make your millions.

  4

Sell high-end electronics and high-demand items. People will pay almost anything for high-demand items, so if you can get your hands on them, resell them. You do not really even have to price the item that high; customers fighting over your auction will usually raise the price of your item greatly.

  5

Offer excellent customer service. You cannot be successful on bytrade if you do not give great customer service. Respond to emails in a timely manner, especially if the auction will be ending soon. People will not bid on your items if you do not answer their questions before the auction ends. Another idea of giving customer service is to send invoices with a little thank-you note with all orders.