Bytrade-it is the professional factory buy sell B2B trade marketplace with the best public praise all over the world,It gather with most powerful and competitive manufacturers and enterprises. At present ,it is one of the most professional buy sell trade marketplace


1 . If you have never sold anything on bytrade , you will have to register. It is easy , just go onto bytrade & hit the join free button & follow the prompts that come up on the screen.

Both are free to register.
If your already selling on bytrade & want to increase you sales here are a few things that I have found that help my sales.

Just to let you know that bytrade can be a strange place when it come to why or why not something sold OR why someone's item sold for BIG BUCKS & your exact same item didn't get any bids. Remember you are dealing with PEOPLE here & people don't always make smart or rational desisions. I have found that there is sometimes no reason why an item sold or didn't sell. You can spend hours trying to figure it out , I did & I can tell you don't waist your time trying to figure it out, because it is a waist of time.

  2

A)The better your photos are the more people will fell comfortable enough to bid on your item.
B) Put more than one photo in the auction . I alway put 5 or 6 photo from different angles. So the buyer can see the condition & see any defects in the item if there are any.
C) ALWAY use the GALLERY feature so a small photo shows up when buyers do a general search. If there are a lot of similar items on bytrade & there is no gallery photo , most people will not even click on your item. If they don't look then they can't buy your item.

  3

A) Keep you description as simple as you can , Give all the details & condition of the item, but don't make it to long.

B)Break you description up. Don't make it one long paragraph , details & condition of the item can be hard to fine in a long wordy description

C) Highlight or underline the important details of your item. If buyers have to search for size , condition or any detail about the item, they are more likely to just move on to the next item.

  4

* A) Only use word / KEYWORDS that might be use in a SEARCH. You only have 55 characters / letter to get your item to come up in a search, it may sound like a lot but I run out of room all the time in the title of my auctions.
* B) Don't use words like LOOK L@@K WOW SALE AWSOME in the title, Buyers don't type those words in when they do a bytrade search.
* C) You title doesn't have to be gramaticlly correct. It should make a little sence but try to only use keywords , like brand names , size , color , year it was made ect.

  5

A) If it's an acuction. Start the bidding price LOW. The lower you start the bid at the cheaper the listinmg fee will be. Use a reserve if you want to get a minimum price for your item but don't set it to high, An item is only going to sell for what it sell for , No matter what you think it is worth, Forget appraised price or book value. Those are for insurance reasons & have nothing to do with what someone is willing to pay for it on bytrade.

B)RESERVES , I hate reserves on an auction , but some people use them a lot , I feel if I haven't hit the reserve price after a few bids I move on to another item ( But that's jus me)

C)BUY IT NOW , If you are selling an item and there are a lot of simalar items already listed , Go with a BUY IT NOW , Research what the lowest BUY IT NOW price is & under cut it a little.
Using BUY IT NOW with a low pric e is the fastest way to sell an item.

D) REASERCH. Do your research on current & completed auction on bytrade. If items like yours aren't selling DON"T LIST IT , it is a waste of money.