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June 19-21, 2009


Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center





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Industry Focus
Consumer Electronics,   Electrical & Electronics

Products Focus
Ⅰ、Electronic Equipment
1.Kinds of electronic equipments of producing, processing,shaping,maintenance assembling,
encapsulation equipments, electronic tools,test equipments, etc.
2.PCB,SMT,Industrial automation,instruments and meters
3.Semiconductor processing fixture
Ⅱ、Electronic Components
1.Kinds of electronic  raw materials,electronic chemicals,etc.
2.Kinds of electronic components
(2):Magnetic materials and parts;electro acoustic parts;
(3):Printed plate board,hybrid integrated circuit;
(4):Electronic transformer,mini-motors,power,battery;
(5):Electronic ceramic parts,piezoelectronic cryctal,electronic tubes;
(6):Socket connectors,linker,switches,
photonics cables;
(7):Control relay,sense organ,transducer;
(8):IC,diode,triodes,multipolar tubes;
(9):Frequency elements
Ⅲ、Laser products
1, laser equipment:laser cutting machine, laser marking machines,laser engraving machines, laser security, laser range finder,etc.
2, laser materials, laser raw materials, laser crystal,etc.
3, lasers, laser applications and other laser products
Ⅴ、Optical products
Ⅵ、The panel display device and supporting product
Ⅶ、Special Exhibition Sections:
SMT,PCB,Instrument and Meter;
Laser,Cleaning and Purifying Products;
Resistances and capacitors
、Electro acoustic parts;
Cables,Connectors and Switches;


If an exhibitor brings his products to a fair without receiving any interest from customers, it is hard for him not to complain. If a visitor, who comes from very far to purchase something, can not find what he needs, he then can only go home with empty hands. These problems can be resolved radically as follows:

 (1)To put over 80% of our strength in organizing professional buyers

 By untiring efforts of seven years, E-Dowell Company now has owned a huge database of buyers. More than500,000 of visiting tickets will be mailed, sent out and presented as a gift. Professionals will be invited for visiting and ordering.

 (2)To set up an information service department to organize visitors.

  An information service department was set up in August of 2001 by E-Dowell company, so as to collect specially information of the industry and professional buyers. The department will invite, through variable channels and ways, those professionals and experts to attend the exhibition. The quality of the fair can be improved this way.

 (3)Exchange before the exhibition

  To put all the information about exhibitors, products that exhibitors will exhibit, and exhibitors' booth number on a brochure and sent out in large quantity one month before the fair so that there is no lost in purchasing.

 (4)To invite buyers pertinently to have a purchase

  We will require exhibitors to fill out a detailed information table. Those buyers that the exhibitors hope to meet with will be the focus of invitation.